Trattoria da Piero

Trattoria da Piero


Fish restaurant in Mondello

Can't resist a good plate of pasta? The menu of Trattoria da Piero offers a wide selection of fish first courses in Palermo, all carefully prepared with fresh fish and high quality ingredients! Come and visit us to discover our dishes!
cous cous

Seafood cous cous

Cous cous is a north African dish which has become very popular even in Italy.
Visiting Trattoria da Piero you can try a seafood version of this recipe, a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a fish dish different from usual.


Fettuccine with crab

With a delicate and refined flavour, Trattoria da Piero’s fettuccine with crab is a first course with a difference: the ideal meal for all crustaceans’ lovers.

spaghetti cozze e vongole

Spaghetti with mussels and clams

A great classic of Italian cuisine and one of the most popular first courses ever, spaghetti with mussels and clams is the best and tastiest dish our customers can ever taste.


Spaghetti with prawns, mussels, clams and shrimps

Come and visit us to try our spaghetti with prawns, mussels, clams and shrimps! Prepared with quality ingredients, this dish represents the perfect first course ever!


Ravioli of Mondello

Do you love stuffed pasta and good fresh fish? Try our ravioli of Mondello! Stuffed with fresh grouper, our ravioli is an excellent first course for all pasta lovers.


Busiate with shrimps

Typical Sicilian pasta, the busiate lend itself to many recipes. Trattoria da Piero offers its customers special busiate with shrimps, pistachios and cream, so as to please even the greediest customers! Come and see us and try them now!