Trattoria da Piero

Trattoria da Piero


Fish restaurant

If you want to taste excellent fish dishes, come and visit us! Freshness and genuineness are the main elements of our recipes, so as to always offer our customers delicious, mouth-watering dishes.
pesce spada


Going to Trattoria da Piero you can taste our delicious swordfish. Grilled and flavoured with “salmoriglio” (a Sicilian sauce made of lemon juice, olive oil and parsley), this dish tells a story of simplicity and taste.

Mixed fish dish

If you don't know what to choose among our delicacies, take them all! Our mixed fish dish includes delicious prawns, squid rings and tasty grilled swordfish on a sweet bed of radicchio.

Sweet-and-sour tuna

Simple but tasty dish, the sweet-and-sour tuna combines authenticity and taste in a single dish.
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tris di pesce

Fish tris

Want to enjoy more than a single fish? Try the Trattoria da Piero's fish trio!
We offer excellent squid, octopus and grilled swordfish, for a light but delicious meal at the same time.


Roasted shrimps

Excellent second course, grilled shrimps are definitely an ideal meal for those who want to be delighted by the unique flavour of this crustacean while remaining light at the same time.

Roasted squid

A classic dish of the Italian culinary tradition, the roasted squid represents an excellent second course with few calories. Choose the side dish you prefer and try it!