Trattoria da Piero

Trattoria da Piero


Fish restaurant

A careful selection of ingredients is what distinguishes Trattoria da Piero from the other restaurant: we strive to provide and excellent dishes, offering an inviting menu suitable for any occasion. Do you want to enjoy delicious appetizers in Palermo? Come and see us now!

Polpo Mondello

Made with shallots and boiled potatoes, our “Polpo Mondello” (octopus of Mondello) is the perfect appetizer for those who want to start the dinner with a light but delicious dish.

Sautéed clams

Prepared with high quality ingredients, our sautéed clams represent the perfect recipe to enjoy Italian cuisine at best.


Raw fish plateau

The raw fish plateau is one of the most appreciated dishes in our menu.
Come and visit us to enjoy the unique taste of our fresh seafood and shellfish accompanied by a squirt of lemon juice.

frutti di mare

Seafood plateau

Discover the unique taste of our recipes! Our menu includes a rich plateau of seafood, prepared with carefully selected ingredient. Try it now!
misto fritto

Mixed fried fish

A true classic of Mediterranean cuisine, our mixed fried fish recipe is a unique delicacy for all fish lovers!
Try it now and make you dinner special!

zuppa cozze

Mussel Soup

Served with an excellent sauce, our mussel soup is the ideal dish for those who want to enjoy a delicious fish starter.
Come and visit us to discover the real taste of tradition!